Our Services

Transport, dresing and grooming of the deceased

Storage of the body in the cooler on the premices

Completion of the paperwork

Setting the date of burrial or cremation

Renting of the burrial ground

Online obituary

Mason work

Hiring a civil speaker

Sales of equipment – coffins, urns, lace…

Delivery of paperwork to and from the registry office, any number of death certificates needed

Request for state ensurance for burrial

Necrolougue (only in local papers)

Photographs, enlarged photographs

Floral decoration

Paperwork for workplace and school for attendance of funeral

Advisory services

Coffins for sale

Our company offers a large selection of coffins form the financially smart to the luxurious varieties.
This way we are able to fulfil your every need and wish.
The coffin selection offers variation in shape, colour and material.


A floral decoration adds to the overall feel of a decent ceremony.
This is why we offer a wide range of different floral decorations and an assortment of wreaths to choose from.
Highly skilled professionals are here to supply a wide range of arrangements to best suite your individual need and preference.


To arrange a funeral, you will need the following:

ID or any other form of identification of the deceased

Your own ID or any other form of identification.

Insurance card of the deceased.

Burial ground paperwork.

Clothes for the deceased.

If it is your wish for us to come to your home, we shall do our best to come
as soon as possible and we shall maintain personal contact until the ceremony is over.
We can give advice, secure all needed for the funeral
or cremation and we shall take great care to.